Konfidence Neoprene Nappy Swimming Cover Blue


Worn over a normal swim nappy, the Nappicover gives an extra layer of protection to guard against pool accidents. Many public swimming pools now insist that a double layer nappy system is used for babies.

Worn over a normal swim nappy, the neoprene nappicova is soft and wont chaff a baby's delicate skin, it also helps keep them warm in the water, and makes a wriggly wet baby much easier to grip.

The tight fit design and non return style seams on the legs and waist ensures that nothing escapes from this nappicova!


  • Can be used over a normal swim nappy
  • Protects against pool accidents
  • Helps keep baby warm in water
  • Inner cuffs on waist and legs to create seal
  • No crotch seam for additional comfort